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It’s with great pleasure that I present to you the Very First Episode of the 7 Minutes Motivation weekly Podcast,

The first Episode is all about a personal experience that happened with me a while back that taught me a lot about how to prioritize things in life and how to Value the people around you.

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For those who don’t understand Arabic, Here’s an extract in English:

Between the year 2005 & 2006  I was traveling locally in the US; Those who travel a lot can tell you that after a while, all the flights and travels will start to look the same… Same people, same faces, same issues with barely few details that change. that’s why I didn’t expect that flight to be any different.

The only difference this time was that I had the FLU, and although this might seem OK on a regular day, it’s NOT when you’re flying.

When the plane started to board, my head started to become more and more HEAVY…

I went to wash my face, and I saw it bleeding, I got terrified from the scene and even blood was coming out from my ears…

At that moment, I knew that I might be suffering from an internal bleeding and that if that was right… This would be my LAST trip.

Depressed… I went back to my seat, and placed my head on the window and started thinking… (I’m on a Plane, there’s almost NOTHING I could do…)

They tell you that when you become close to Death, you start thinking of Life… They are right… My Life was spinning in my head as a Video…

No Matter what you may think I was thinking… I wasn’t thinking about how much TV I watched, or how many songs I memorized; How many long hours I spend in the office… I was just thinking about the People who mattered most to me.

When was the last time I saw my parent? what’s the last sentence I said to them? did I spend good time with my siblings? I recalled my friends 1-by-1 and asked my self was I the example of a good friend? did I actually stood by their side in good and bad times? I was a Manager then, I recalled my employees and wondered what would they say if they knew that I was gone…

It’s a BRUTAL feeling, to see your self helpless before your end, and the idea that kills you slowly was that you won’t be able to  stand before those people and Express to them How lucky you were to have them in your life… That their Love and Care, gave your Life a MEANING…

Just when everything seemed dark and heavy, I felt as if the Collective Love and Care of those people … LEND me a Hand… I Opened my eyes and Said to my Self… “I WILL MAKE IT… and when I do, I will Change my life”.

That day, my Life changed… I started living everyday as if it was my last, with no regrets… Everyday I meet someone who matter to me, I act as if it’s the last day I will see him/her..

You see I never thought of that before, that OTHER people will give you strength to be THE BEST OF WHAT YOU CAN BE… To Defy the impossible!

And I do that Every day!

The Quote from that Experience that I live with it Every day since…

“Dream as if you’re going to Live Forever… and Live as if you’re going to Die Tomorrow.”

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