This week’s episode is special in a warm way; we illustrated a very strong concept using a short story played by the innocent 7 years old girl (Rasha).

The Little Rasha - Cover



Once upon a time, there was a young girl called Rasha, innocent she was, the 7 years old was filled with passion to discover the world and a curiosity to live a fantasy many adults have forgotten.

The Lesson at School that day was about the World of the Seas, everything around the sea… The Types of creatures that lives in the sea, the plants, the sands, the rocks… everything!

Rasha was listening to her teacher and having a vivid day-dream about the sea, enjoying every single word coming out at class.

When school was over, Rasha’s Father arrived to pick her up.

Rasha: Daddy, can we please go to the beach?
Rasha’s Father: You mean go Swim?

Rasha: No, we took a lesson today with this regard, I just want to go to see it… Please daddy, please please pleaaaasssseeeee….

Rasha’s Father: Ok.. we’ll pass for few minutes! 

Rasha arrived to the beach, and started running while drawing circles around her, she was enjoying the sounds, the breeze and the smell of everything around her.

Rasha then Stood in surprise, and she saw a large number of small Fish on the beach… Apparently those were carried away from the sea by a big wave… She remembered that the Fish cannot survive outside the Water, because they cannot Breath!!

She Started running and grabbing the small fishes and throwing them back to the sea…

It was getting Late, and Her father wanted to come back home.

Rasha’s Father: Come on Rasha, it’s getting Late! we need to come back, your mother is waiting.

Rasha: But I can’t come back… Look the Fishes are dying!!!

He looked and saw hundreds of fishes laying around and with every wave, more fishes are left on the sands to die.

Rasha’s Father: it’s Hopeless Rasha, you can’t save all the fishes..
Rasha: But Daddy!!

Rasha’s Father (with anger): You’re Still Young Rasha and you don’t understand, You can’t make a difference here… LET’S GO HOME NOW.

Rasha started crying, and held a small fish and looked at her father.

“You See that fish… for this one… Yes it makes a difference” and she throw it back to the sea.

The Father was astonished by what his 7 years old daughter said… But was speechless and stayed that way and they both returned home.

Rasha finished her meal quickly and went to her room.

Her mother followed her and asked her what’s going on?

Rasha: Life is not beautiful… It’s unfair and I don’t like it!!

The mother was surprised to hear such big words coming out of a little lady Smile.

“Come with me to the Kitchen, and we’ll have your favorite thing ever… Chocolate Cake!!” said the mother while grabbing Rasha’s hand and walking together to the kitchen!

“Open your Mouth” said the mother.
She then put a small spoon with flour into Rasha’s mouth!

Rasha: “What’s that??”
Mother: “Hold on… Now open your Mouth again!”
now she placed another small spoon of raw egg.

Rasha: “That’s awful! where’s the chocolate Cake!!!!”

And here Rasha learned the greatest lesson of All from her mother:

“To make a Chocolate Cake, you need to place lots of ingredients that may not taste good alone… and then we need to place it in the OVEN surrounded by FIRE and then to Place it in the Fridge to Freeze… and Finally the Result will be… The Tasty Chocolate Cake that you Love! and the Same goes with Life my Child!”


2 opposite things we can learn from Rasha’s Story.

One is that every single act of Good is Worth doing and one that we sometimes need to look at the bigger picture regarding the details Smile.


Enjoy & I’ll see you soon!