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Don't Limit your Challenges.. Challenge your Limits“Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.” ~Jerry Dunn



Episode 3: The Other Table

This is the First Story sent to us by Dareen H. from JORDAN ( You Too can share your story via the email)

The Episode is called The Other Table, and is all about how we sometimes judge too soon.


Here’s the transcript in English (extract from the Email Sent by Dareen)

Here’s a story that happened to me a while ago, it taught me something:

I was sitting with some friends in an open buffet restaurant, there was a couple in the table next to us, the man was sitting doing nothing, and the lady was bringing the food, her food, and his food as well, I thought: what a disrespectful man, instead of being gentle to his lady he’s just setting there doing nothing, i kept giving him those unpleasant looks of what he was doing, disapproving his behavior, as we were having our food, she was going to bring him juice as he finishes, water.. she was also looking after their kid.

I couldn’t but to talk about it to my friends and they shared my feeling, the couple finished before we did and as they were leaving, to my surprise, the lady went toward the man and pulled his wheelchair!

I felt ashamed of myself and all those looks i gave to the man, i thought, what if we left before they did and i never saw this, i learned to never judge and assume.

Sometimes, we judge things from what we see / know, and we never get the chance to see the full story, we might not see it from another side.

So always leave a room for other perspectives, what you see might not be the entire picture, and it’s not necessary that one day you’ll see the entire picture, chances are you most probably wont.

BONUS INTERPRETATION: Since this was Dareen’s Story, I tried to keep the fidelity as much as possible and I didn’t include my thoughts on it, but I did a small trick Winking smile.

You see I try my best to Post every new Episode on a MONDAY, while this particular one, I did make it public on FRIDAY instead; But those who really know me, Know that I don’t leave things to chance, and I don’t do things at RANDOM Smile and here’s why:

Right after I posted the Episode Online, I received lots of comments and feedback… Most of them were very touched by the Story, and Loved it! and MOST of them had the Same ONE COMMENT

“The Background Music is AMAZING, But it doesn’t Fit the Story”

So I smiled and replied back,

SC: You then Missed the Moral of the Story… What did you learn from Dareen?
Friend: that we shouldn’t Judge other too fast

SC: And?
Friend: And that we need to Leave Room for Other Perspectives

SC: Exactly! So what was your “Room for Other Perspectives” when you judged that the Music Doesn’t fit the Story Smile?
Friend: uuuhhhh???

(When you Hear the Episode, you’ll notice the Theme was from Love Story)

SC: You see Dareen’s Biggest Loss that time, was not the “Shame” from her pre-judgment, but the fact that she was SO LUCKY to be Witnessing a REAL Love Story happening before her eyes, and everyone else’s for that matter… but she was too busy getting angry on what she thought SHOULD be happening in a Love Story between a Married Couple that she missed the True Meaning of Love happening only few meters away… So my friend the Themed Music, was not Dareen’s … But it was the Couple’s Music Smile


You See Everyone has a Story; Not all the Stories can be filled with Flowers and Rainbows, but some really beautiful and inspiring ones can be very simple and can happen right next to us, and we don’t enjoy this Luxury because we are too busy trying to apply our life and logic to them… instead of just enjoying the scene as it is.

Stay Positive All the Time & See you Next week!

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Thank you All for your Support and Great Feedback… We’ll keep them Coming!


Episode 2: Let there be… Lightning

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This episode is all about Getting “Lost” while you’re about to take an important decision, and the Signs that we need to look for.

Here’s the transcript in English

Lots of time in our lives, we face situations where we can be “Lost”; We may be in a situation facing several options that each might lead us is a completely different direction. and where simply taking that specific option might be a “Defining moment of our life”.

What normally happens in these situations, is that you start asking people around you whom you care most for and for their advice on what to do.

Now we know that despite the answer that we shall receive, we are solely responsible for the consequences of our own decision, yet we start LOOKING for something that might SHINE in their advice… In their words..

You see at this stage, you won’t be looking for a complete answer… You will be looking for a Fraction of an answer, a light in the dark … a SIGN!

Which reminds me of a story… I saw an interview with a priest once on TV  while I was flipping channel, he was sharing his personal experience… Here’s how it goes

“… I was taking some training in France and it was about finding your way in the darkest Hours while only holding a COMPASS and a Candle; so I had to travel walking from one location to the other in a VERY Rainy day and it was almost Midnight…

The Road was almost covered with complete darkness and HEAVY RAIN, the light I had was barely enough to make me see the compass I held and 1 or 2 meters of the road in front of me.. The light coming from the Candle was OFF!

…. I Reached to a FOREST and then I was LOST

… I stayed there for like 1/2 an hour but it felt like several hours because of the fear and the cold…

I prayed… and prayed…

and Just when all hopes were gone…. A LIGHTNING FLASHED in the SKY… It only flashed for maybe 2 SECONDS but they were more than enough for me to see a Road on my right and it was the one that took me to my final destination… and to SAFETY”

The vibrant morale of this story was the end of the interview where they asked the priest what was the learning you took out of your experience,

He said… Maybe they should be 2 Things

1- We all have some sort of a Compass inside of us that points to the right direction… That we need to trust and let it guide us to the right direction

2- We sometimes receive signs that would look in-Significant but that are JUST ENOUGH to guide us when we are Lost, some example of these signs can be illness, accidents, incidents, deceptions, failures, road blocks and even arguments but their timing would be SO RIGHT that it showed us a decision that would affect our entire Life.

I hope you liked this week’s episode and looking forward to your comments and stories!

See you Next Week!


Episode 1 – Live Everyday as if it was your Last!

And we’re LIVE!

It’s with great pleasure that I present to you the Very First Episode of the 7 Minutes Motivation weekly Podcast,

The first Episode is all about a personal experience that happened with me a while back that taught me a lot about how to prioritize things in life and how to Value the people around you.

Listen to Episode 1 on Podomatic

For those who don’t understand Arabic, Here’s an extract in English:

Between the year 2005 & 2006  I was traveling locally in the US; Those who travel a lot can tell you that after a while, all the flights and travels will start to look the same… Same people, same faces, same issues with barely few details that change. that’s why I didn’t expect that flight to be any different.

The only difference this time was that I had the FLU, and although this might seem OK on a regular day, it’s NOT when you’re flying.

When the plane started to board, my head started to become more and more HEAVY…

I went to wash my face, and I saw it bleeding, I got terrified from the scene and even blood was coming out from my ears…

At that moment, I knew that I might be suffering from an internal bleeding and that if that was right… This would be my LAST trip.

Depressed… I went back to my seat, and placed my head on the window and started thinking… (I’m on a Plane, there’s almost NOTHING I could do…)

They tell you that when you become close to Death, you start thinking of Life… They are right… My Life was spinning in my head as a Video…

No Matter what you may think I was thinking… I wasn’t thinking about how much TV I watched, or how many songs I memorized; How many long hours I spend in the office… I was just thinking about the People who mattered most to me.

When was the last time I saw my parent? what’s the last sentence I said to them? did I spend good time with my siblings? I recalled my friends 1-by-1 and asked my self was I the example of a good friend? did I actually stood by their side in good and bad times? I was a Manager then, I recalled my employees and wondered what would they say if they knew that I was gone…

It’s a BRUTAL feeling, to see your self helpless before your end, and the idea that kills you slowly was that you won’t be able to  stand before those people and Express to them How lucky you were to have them in your life… That their Love and Care, gave your Life a MEANING…

Just when everything seemed dark and heavy, I felt as if the Collective Love and Care of those people … LEND me a Hand… I Opened my eyes and Said to my Self… “I WILL MAKE IT… and when I do, I will Change my life”.

That day, my Life changed… I started living everyday as if it was my last, with no regrets… Everyday I meet someone who matter to me, I act as if it’s the last day I will see him/her..

You see I never thought of that before, that OTHER people will give you strength to be THE BEST OF WHAT YOU CAN BE… To Defy the impossible!

And I do that Every day!

The Quote from that Experience that I live with it Every day since…

“Dream as if you’re going to Live Forever… and Live as if you’re going to Die Tomorrow.”

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Every Week I’ll be sharing with you a new story that I hope you find inspiring and motivating for your day, week or even more.  (if you like to share your story, Send it to us and we’ll podcast it to you!)

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